Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breed a Week Project #6

This week's Breed of the Week is for a Peruvian Paso - not to be confused with a Paso Fino. The trademark of the Peruvian Paso is a special, inherited, and completely natural four beat lateral gait called paso llano. The paso llano is a broken gait. It consists of a permanent, harmonic, and rhythmic tapping in which the animal makes a gentle and pleasant alternating movement. It is a quick advance in which the center of the horse's gravity stays almost immobile, producing a smooth ride. The paso llano is executed with a distinctive action in the front legs, called termino, a graceful, flowing movement in which the forelegs are rolled towards the outside as the horse strides forward, much like the arm motion of a swimmer. Termino is a spectacular and beautiful natural action. It is not a wing or paddle and originates in the shoulder giving the horse the ability to swing the leg forward with minimum vertical force back. Both the gait and the flashy leg action are naturally passed on to the offspring.

For more information about the Peruvian Paso, visit www.theperuvianpaso.com.

I don't have much time this week, but I couldn't pass up on this breed. These are so gorgeous, powerful, graceful horses. If you didn't love horses before, these guys would win your heart. Since I didn't have time for a full-on detailed drawing, I limited myself to 30 minutes to complete and kept it to a quick and dirty sketch. This is roughly 5" x 7" and is done with a 4B graphite pencil on Strathmore Sketch.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! You did this in only 30 minutes!!
    Wyanne thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  2. Is there a way to contact you directly to ask for permission to use this in a power point presentation? Thanks!