Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Horse Whisperer Meets the Dark Knight

Dark Whisper

This week's homework was to create a drawing inspired by literature, music, film, etc., and to combine materials and techniques. We were also to mix realism with fantasy. Like usual, it took most of the week for me to visualize what I wanted to do. Rolling around in my mind from the get-go was The Horse Whisperer movie and the Batman: Dark Knight soundtrack. With those in mind that I created the first drawing "Dark Whisper" on black pastel paper using conte pencils and white charcoal. I wanted to give a "dark" feel of a powerful, wild horse reflected against the moonlight.

Eye of the Whisperer

The next drawing "Eye of the Whisperer" flashed in my mind when I was killing time watching movie trailers on the 'net. I used heavy acrylic paper for this one along with technical pen, conte pencil and charcoal, and my favourite technique - stippling. I wanted to make the eye strong with the stippling, stylize the lid, then make the eyelid folds and creases subtle with the charcoal. I added just a touch of colour to the horses with a conte pencil.


  1. Wonderful! And so different for you!

  2. Hi! You have been award the passion for painting award, stop by my blog and pick it up! :)

  3. Wow! What an honour! Thank you so much, Carol. :-)