Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Little Iron Horse"

Much thanks to Julie at Cache Canadians, for granting permission to draw their gorgeous Canadian Horse stallion, Delavoye Heros Phenom. This is an 8" x 8" graphite pencil drawing on Strathmore 100lb Bristol Smooth, using Faber-Castell 4B and 2H pencils. Altogether I spent about 7 hours on this drawing. This piece will stay in my private collection and for exhibition.

The Canadian Horse, or Cheval Canadien, dates back more than 350 years when King Louis XIV sent his best horses over to the "New World" of Quebec. The Canadian earned themselves the nickname "Little Iron Horse" due to their ability to generate "more power per hundred pounds of body weight than horses of any other breed". By the 1970s this breed almost disappeared but thanks to dedicated breeders there are now 4000 in existence - though they are still classified as “critical” on the American Livestock Conservancy list. For more information on the breed, please visit the Canadian Horse Heritage & Preservation Society (CHHAPS).