Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting Without Brushes

Painting isn't drawing and drawing isn't painting. I've spent so long perfecting my drawing style that it is almost all I can do. Give me a paint brush and I try to draw with it. If I'm ever going to get anywhere with painting I'm going to have to learn how to put down the pencil.
   One of the exercises my last art teacher had me do was to paint without using a brush. I could use anything, but a brush. So, I decided to continue my lesson, added with a touch of inspiration from a friend of mine who paints purely for the process of it, not the end result.
   I went to the art store and bought a collection of various sized and shaped palette knives, and then I hit the canvas. I used a reference photo purely for the colours and made no attempt whatsoever at realism. Just merely enjoyed the process of applying paint and colour using different palette knives.
   This is just a small canvas to start my experimenting with, 9" x 12". I had so much fun just playing with the paints and colours and textures that now I want to go HUGE! :-)

Below are a couple close up shots of the detail and texture.

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